‘Future of Smart Facility Management’: SKY Group Launches "Metthier", Gathering Top-Notch Advanced Technology to Serve Mega Real Estate Projects

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SKY Group introduces ‘Metthier’, creating a new SCurve to drive innovation in Smart Facility Management. The company is integrating AIempowered solutions to enhance large real estate projects in five key areas: MixedUse projects, Shopping Centers, Office Buildings, Residential and Condominium projects, and Industrial Factories. This marks a significant step towards transforming the landscape of Smart Facility Management.


Mr. Kayon Tantichatiwat, Chief Executive Officer of Metthier Co., Ltd., a subsidiary under SKY Group, disclosed that the company is expanding its expertise in smart security technology into a new business venture. Metthier Co., Ltd.” or Metthier will focus on comprehensive Smart Facility Management solutions, revolutionizing the management of intelligent real estate.


After acquiring SAMCO, a prominent player in security, administrative services, and facility maintenance with over 6,000 staff members serving more than 400 leading private sector organizations across various industries, SKY Group merged synergies with Metthier’s expertise in AI-empowered solutions. This integration, particularly in intelligent security, combined with SAMCO’s extensive workforce, positions Metthier to lead the Smart Facility Management sector and serve as a catalyst for SKY Group’s new S-Curve of growth.


Metthier offers a wide array of services, including smart security systems, facility management systems, AI-empowered solutions, and an Intelligent Operations Center. Metthier aims to expand its client base in the private sector, catering to large-scale property owners and developers with high-level security and facility management needs across five major areas: Mixed-Use projects, Shopping Centers, Office Buildings, Residential and Condominium Projects, and Industrial Factories.

“Metthier is dedicated to redefining the Smart Facility Management business. By incorporating future technologies such as AI CCTV, Smart Incident Management, Digital Twin, 3D Visualization, Indoor Mapping, AIoT, and Robotics, we aim to enhance the efficiency of both personnel and internal systems within buildings. This enables us to provide services that can adapt to various forms of real estate projects. Further details will be revealed in October,” stated Mr. Kayon.


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