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When you visit the SKY ICT website, the relevant information of your access to this website will be stored in the cookie format. This cookies policy explains the meaning, function, delete and reject cookies for your privacy. By accessing this website, you permit us to use cookies as follows:

What are Cookies

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer and/or communication tool such as smartphones, tablets, etc. through a web browser when you visit our website without harming your computer and/or communication tools.

We use the necessary cookies to enhance your online experience. Cookies will collect your personal data: standard internet log, visitor behavior information and preferences to verify your language identity, your security data and personal interest in products and services. Also, to measure the amount of access to online services, remember your preferences, or for advertising and public relations purposes.

How do we use Cookies

We use Cookies in a range of ways to make our website works efficiently and improve your experience on our website, including:

  1. Keeping you sign in;
  2. Understanding how you use our website;
  3. Understanding your behavior and interest in products or services offered in our website;
  4. Other information relating to the storage

In some cases, we need a third party to use IP addresses and cookies for statistical analysis and data linking.


Necessary Cookies

These cookies are used for our website’s work in order to specify display status in our website.


Analytics / Performance Cookies [Optional]

These cookies are used for our website in order to acknowledge and keep statistics and behavior of web surfing.


Functionality Cookies[Optional]

These cookies are used for our website in order to remember re-visiting the website and also not to show popup of system notification.






Identify cookies such as _gat_UA-7330378-54
Necessary Cookies Throughout the lifetime of the User
Until the notice of termination
Used to control request rates – limit data collection on high-traffic sites.
Identify cookies such as _gat_UA-7330378-54
Analytics / Performance Throughout the lifetime of the User
Until the notice of termination
marketing communication and public relations


How can you manage Cookies

You can delete or reject cookies that are set by our website, through your web browser setting by how to delete cookies from each web browser that you are using, for example, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari, etc.

Storage Method

We will store your data derived for cookies as follows:

  1. Type of storage: we keep your data in electronic means
  2. Storage location: we keep in cloud server with [*]
  3. Period of storage: please see in “What type of Cookies we use”
  4. Upon the storage period collapse, we will delete these data from our server and also our cloud storage after the date of collapse.

Policy Revision

This Cookie Policy may be revised as appropriate and comply with regulations. We will delete this information from our servers, including cloud storage, when we request termination from the Subscriber.

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