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SKY ICT Public Company Limited operates a business based on information and communication technology, which offers products and services to customers in order that they might be provided effective and secure information and communication technology. This is accomplished by selecting high-quality and internationally-accepted base products to offer, and services appropriate to each customer’s specific requirements—Including consultation, design, and installation of security systems for physical, information, computer, and cyber security systems—as well as maintenance of said systems. SKY ICT can be considered a one-stop information and communication technology service, or ICT contractor, which satisfies the current state where businesses expand quickly and the competition is high, through the utilization of information and communication technology in order to improve business potentials.

With a knowledgeable and experienced team of information and communication technology specialists, equipped with an understanding of customers’ businesses, the Company is able to help and support corporate customers by utilizing information and communication technology effectively to promote and aid customers’ procedures more efficiently and safely.

The Company sells and installs information and communication technology systems—including system consultation, design and maintenance, supplying and distributing products and devices related to information and communication technology. The Company truly provides ICT solutions, which adapt the use of information and communication technology to suitably serve each organization’s requirements, to aid in the improvement of an organization’s data management, so that it may be more effective and secure. The target customers are organizations, both government and private, and most of the projects are complex projects to execute which can be divided into 3 types as follows

ICT Solutions

The Company provides consultation, design, supply and distribution of products and devices related to information and communication technology, and offers 6 security infrastructure solutions to organizations which are: physical security systems, cyber security solutions, enterprise wireless solutions, virtualization solutions, data protection and recovery solutions, and data center facility solutions. Apart from offering ICT solutions and supplying ICT related products and devices, the Company also sells products and devices related to ICT such as notebook computers, scanners, printers, printer ink, servers, digital storage products, switches and software depending on customers’ needs.

Other IT Services:

Such as implementation and installation services, maintenance agreement services, and consulting, design and project management services.

Computer and electronic device rental:

The Company provides computer and electronic devices to better cater to a variety of organizations, with contract lengths of 1-10 years. The service is provided by a team of engineers specialized in repair and maintenance, who work on customers’ sites for high demand organizations.

Manufacturing and provides platform service and more:

The Company manufacturing and service platforms and more in response to the needs of the company's customers and various organizations both using the platform to develop and expand the business or modify the internal operating system to be digital, through this service model, the company has a team of highly skilled software developers and programs to assess customer needs in order to develop the software accordingly.

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