The Company realizes the importance of Shareholders’ basic rights and does not violate or deprive the rights of Shareholders. This includes encouraging Shareholders to exercise their rights. They are entitled to purchase, sell, and transfer securities they hold, receive dividend and Company information, attend Shareholders’ meetings, express their views, and decide on matters of significant impacts such as dividend payment, appointment or withdrawal of committee, audit appointment, approval of important transactions and the Company’s direction, and memorandum and Company’s regulations correction.

Aside from basic rights stated above, the Company also promotes and accommodates the exercise of Shareholders’ rights as follows:


The Company must schedule an annual general meeting of Shareholders within four months of the annual closing date of its accounting books. The notice of the annual general meeting of Shareholders should include the place, date, time, and agenda details with accompanying documents. Each agenda should be stated clearly whether it is for Shareholders’ acknowledgment and a vote required or just acknowledgement; the Board of Directors' opinion should also be included as well. The invitation should be mailed to Shareholders’ and registrar 7 days before the meeting date and should be announced through newspaper for 3 consecutive days. Moreover, each agenda should be accompanied with the Board’s opinion and posted on the Company’s website to allow Shareholders enough time to prepare themselves for the meeting.


The Company encourages the Board of Directors, Executives and other related parties, including Auditors to attend Shareholders’ Meetings.


In case Shareholders cannot attend the meeting themselves, they can appoint proxies and proxy forms with complete instruction enclosed with the invitation.


Before the meeting date, Shareholders can post their opinions, recommendations and inquiries.


The meeting gives Shareholders’ equal right to express opinions, give recommendations or ask questions freely before voting. The Board is present in the meeting to answer all questions clearly and precisely. At every meeting, the minutes with all questions and comments must be completely and accurately recorded so that Shareholders can have as reference and examine.


In a meeting for committee election, Shareholders can vote for each committee each time and they will vote for qualified people to safeguard their benefits; this encourages variety as well as truly ensures the committee to be Shareholders’ representatives.


After the meeting, the Company will prepare the minutes completely and accurately so that Shareholders can examine. The minutes will also be posted on the Company’s website.

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