SAWASDEE by AOT runs the ‘Travel Safety’ campaign with Muang Thai Insurance

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SAWASDEE by AOT runs the ‘Travel Safety’ campaign with Muang Thai Insurance

SAWASDEE by AOT, a must-have Thailand travel app, has joined hands with Muang Thai Insurance in offering digital travel safety experiences for travelers, especially during the upcoming Songkran holidays. Launching a new campaign purchasing travel-accident insurance on the app is only now starting at 48 baht and easy to apply within 3 minutes. International travel insurance can purchase in advance in just 2 hours and suits your destination such as AEC countries, Asia countries, Schengen countries, or around the world. Ready to receive immediately AOT Points up to 1,000 points from today-April 30, 2023.

Mr. Kayon Tantichatiwat, Chief Marketing Officer, SKY ICT Public Company Limited or SKY, said SKY aims to enhance the image of Thai tourism by connecting technology with travel lifestyles through SAWASDEE by AOT, Thailand’s first travel super app, which has partnered with Muang Thai Insurance Public Company Limited, offers a Songkran celebration campaign to raise the level of digital travel safety providing new options. Travelers can purchase travel-accident insurance on the app anywhere, quickly within 3 minutes.

“Safety is the most important thing for everyone. Therefore, SAWASDEE by AOT has cooperated with Muang Thai Insurance and offered a special campaign to welcome the return of the tourism season during the Songkran holidays. It takes only 4-step for purchasing insurance on the app; click on the menu-select insurance plan-fill out the form-pay insurance premium to receive protection throughout the journey both in Thailand and worldwide. Emphasizing being a must-have Thailand travel app that provides travelers with the best travel experience., Mr. Kayon said

Mrs. Nualphan Lamsam, CEO Muang Thai Insurance Public Company Limited or MTI said Muang Thai Insurance has focused on bringing technology to help develop insurance products and services for a fast-paced digital lifestyle of customers. To deliver a great customer experience in insurance services, the company is partnering with SKY to ensure the tourists’ safety, following the slogan of Muang Thai Insurance “Smile Over Trouble”.

There are 3 types of insurance policies and coverage on the app;

1. International travel insurance “Muang Thai Happy Trip“, travel insurance that can be purchased in advance within 2 hours before departure, with maximum coverage of 5 million baht, covering worldwide travel. Premium starts at 165 baht.

 2. Domestic travel insurance ” TA Pun Suk” covers up to 1 million baht. In addition, medical expenses during your trip are covered by up to 100,000 baht, choosing between 1-4 day coverage. Premium starts at 48 baht.

3. Accident insurance “PA Your Happy” covers up to 2 million baht and medical expenses up to 50,000 baht per incident. Premium starts at 134 baht per month or 1,600 baht per year.

Special offers! For customers who purchase insurance through SAWASDEE by AOT app, receiving immediate AOT Points starting at 400 points when purchasing domestic travel insurance and 1,000 points for those purchasing international travel insurance within April 1-30, 2023.

However, the customer should understand the details of the insurance policies and coverage before purchasing. SAWASDEE by AOT is available on the App Store and Google Play:

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