"SKY" enhances e-KYC platform with IFLD for the advanced security to meet the megatrends of blockchain.

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“SKY” enhances e-KYC platform with IFLD for the advanced security to meet the megatrends of blockchain.

SKY launched its e-KYC platform elevating Facial Authentication innovation with 7 features to meet the megatrends of blockchain, reinforcing its leader in AI-Empowered Solutions to enhance the efficiency of face scanning to verify identity by Interactive Face Liveness Detection. Collaborating SenseTime International to optimize the features for the environment and society in Thailand and support a wide range of businesses and industries focused on Digital Asset-Banking-Insurance sectors. Explore our e-KYC solutions for even more possibilities to grow your business.

Mr. Kayon Tantichatiwat, Chief Marketing Officer, SKY ICT Public Company Limited or SKY, a leading provider of Digital Platform and AI Solutions in Thailand, revealed that the company has enhanced its Electronic Know Your Customer (e-KYC) technology by developing efficient facial verification features adding Interactive Face Liveness Detection technology to help strengthen advanced security while doing online transactions and support for blockchain growth.

“Blockchain is becoming a world-changing technology that plays an important role in a variety of businesses and industries, especially the financial sector. According to the growth of blockchain, the demands of e-KYC technology will grow parallel to each other. Because the platforms on blockchain also require a Digital Onboarding process to verify customer identity from the first time they use the platforms to prevent fraud and financial crimes.” Mr. Kayon added.

Moreover, there are 7 key features that will improve our e-KYC platform to be more efficient: 1. Face Detection, using a 2D system to scan faces and convert identities into biometrics, 2. Face Quality, ensuring a high-resolution identity photo to meet industry standards, 3. Face Attributes, analyzing facial composition to identify attributes such as gender, age, even wearing glasses or a mask, 4. Face Comparison, increasing the efficiency of authentication to be more accurate by comparing the face to the database, 5. Photo Liveness Detection, detecting images as real faces to prevent the use of photographs or masks to be falsely authenticated, 6. Video Silent Liveness Detection, preventing the use of video files to impersonate identity verification, and 7. Video Interactive Liveness Detection, verifying identity by moving at the request of the system.

Mr. Kayon said that we have co-developed with SenseTime International, a leading AI software company focused on creating a better AI-empowered future through innovation, to optimize e-KYC solutions by bringing Interactive Face Liveness Detection technology to enhance its efficiency for environment and society in Thailand and prevent Biometric Presentation Attacks.

“As a leading AI software company, SenseTime is committed to leveraging AI technologies to benefit businesses, people and society. Together with our partner SKY, we saw an opportunity to empower businesses and industries in Thailand, and to protect people’s digital assets through this enhanced e-KYC platform,” said Mr. Martin Huang, Managing Director of SenseTime International.

SKY has offered its e-KYC platform to meet the high-security needs of enterprise customers in four areas: 1. High Accuracy, our e-KYC technology will give results with the highest performance on NIST, 2. Data Security, our cloud-based service with global security standards will protect your organization from data leaks and service vulnerabilities, 3. Low Latency Data, improving transmission efficiency and performance reliability, and 4. Cost Reduction, reducing the cost per transaction of the business operator.

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