"SKY Group" Showcases Remarkable 9-Month Performance in 2023, Up 165% to 333 Million Baht in Net Profit. Confident High Season Boosts Aviation Tech-Airport Services Business as Year Ends.

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SKY Groupreports strong 9month results in 2023: revenue 2.842 billion Baht (up 46%), net profit 333 million Baht (up 165%). Following an increase in tourist numbers, revenue from airportrelated projects continues to rise. Expecting a robust Q4 with more international visitors. The aviation tech and airport services business is growing, with investments for sustained expansion.


Mr. Sithidej Mayalarp, CEO of SKY ICT Public Company Limited (SKY or SKY Group), reveals that the company’s outstanding performance for Q3 2023, achieving total revenue of 1.08 billion Baht and a net profit of 130 million Baht. This represents a growth of 59% and 465%, respectively, compared to the same period last year.


These impressive results have significantly influenced the company’s overall performance. Total revenue for the first nine months reached 2.842 billion Baht, a substantial 46% increase from the same period last year. Moreover, net profit surpassed 333 million Baht, reflecting a remarkable 165% jump from the corresponding period in the previous year.


“SKY Group” attributes its success to the rising number of international tourists in Thailand. Income from airport-related projects remains a key revenue source, steadily growing. The successful completion of public-sector projects and strategic investments in subsidiaries contributes to a consistent revenue stream.


As of Q3 2023, the company holds a backlog of projects totaling around 22.1 billion Baht.


Mr. Sithidej stated that with the high tourist season approaching in the last quarter of 2023, SKY Group anticipates a significant increase in international visitors, boosting projects in Aviation Tech and Airport Services. These projects include the Common Use Passenger Processing System (CUPPS) and the Advanced Passenger Processing System (APPS), presenting opportunities for increased revenue compared to the previous year.

Furthermore, SKY Group continues to explore new investment opportunities for sustained growth. The recent introduction of “Metthier Co., Ltd. (metthier)” a subsidiary focusing on Smart Facility Management for private sector clients, is a strategic move to strengthen the company’s position in the future.


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